Crystal Collection

Compositions: Rudraksha beads and gemstones

Origin: Indonesia

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A mix beads of transparent glass beads and spinel.

Rudraksha beads are organic seeds from Elaeocarpus trees.

Be part of the new trend and take the modern twist by combining sustainably harvested seeds with gemstones.

Those Mala necklaces (108 beads) are known to bring positive energy to the person wearing it.
All the necklaces are handmade. The jewelry is already a favorite amongst celebrities including Sting, Donna Karan and Julia Roberts, who wore the jewelry in the film Eat, Pray, Love. -

The Rudraksha and wooden beads necklaces are all handmade by a young woman names Komang Nariani, 25y old.

Nariani is mother of one and she has just open a small shop to sustain her family. I met her in her tiny shop where she was assemblying the necklaces. She shared about her husband that works as a guard for a shop opposite side  of the road.
When I told her that I'm going to support her by buying 70 necklaces now on the spot she was so excited that she crossed the road to call her husband!
She was proud to show him that she also could support the family.
Both were so humble and happy!

Wear as daily accessories any time of day or night and be an Hollywoodien Stars like Julia Roberts!